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Empower creativity through a disruptive brand campaign.


Boundless, lively, viral. The O Bag woman has a trendsetter attitude. After its first nine years of life the self-made design giant seeks for a different and more contemporary language that speaks to an international community. Our interactive brand campaign was designed to translate the concept of easy fashion into lifetime experience.


Design is the creative energy which surrounds each one of us. Having landed on the market as an outsider O Bag has dedicated an entire collection of street icon bags to this concept, overturning the fashion market’s rules to create a completely new target: the creative consumer. Our digital marketing campaign enabled us to play with the more pop and viral dimension of the brand in order to create a re-vamp that fosters individuality and creativity. O Bag. Create yours.

Playful, diverse, contemporary. The layouts come to life through multiple subject campaigns, multiple settings, dynamic backgrounds, and appealing colour blocks that revolve around a single concept: Create yours.

Imagine, create, love. Over 600.000 patterns to express your mood in all moments of the day. Goodbye emoji.

Aspiring bloggers, creatives, fashion designers and social influencers. O Bag’s social media campaign strategy is dedicated to its custom creator community. Urban beauty. Only for real wannabes.

We have designed for you the first and only 100% guilt-free bag transformation experience. O Bags are used to produce completely recycled items as they are wholly made of reusable materials.

O Bag and Spotify. The world’s best music library in your bag.


Managing Director
Marco Venuti

Creative Director
Michele Savino

Art Directors
Andrea Simone, Stanislao Migliorino

3D Designer
Bartosz Druszcz

Andrea Poggioli


Art Direction
Creative Campaign


Create extraordinary contents
for the most important event
in the history of this energy giant.