Class Fashion

Visual storytelling marketing that makes the brand irresistible to a new target audience.

Visual storytelling marketing that makes the brand irresistible to a new target audience.

Project challenge

The brand has been dressing Italian women with refined elegance for nearly twenty years. Today thanks to a brand storytelling, Class wishes to rethink the philosophy behind its style and create a direct link between the brand and the most contemporary trends, without, however, distorting its identity. In short: redesign the Class woman.


Following the brand positioning strategy, we elaborated a visual storytelling marketing campaign that recounts the brand's new personality. How? By a storytelling through photography that follows the modern woman's daily routine. The visual storytelling was later channelled through the web and social media.

We broaden Class’ target thanks to a visual storytelling that recounts diverse expressions of femininity, one for each different time of day.

An urban woman's femininity can have many facets, and can be modelled according to individual commitments. The choice of an itinerant storytelling through photography in sofisticated locations and the complicity between the two models celebrates everyday life and reinvents the atmosphere surrounding the brand.

2 Brand positioning strategy for Class Fashion - Luther Dsgn
Visual storytelling through photography for Class - Luther Dsgn

The visual storytelling shows the Class woman as the manifesto of an independent femininity.

Brand storytelling and identity for Class - Luther Dsgn
Visual storytelling to recount Class woman – Luther Dsgn Branding agency

A comprehensive social media marketing strategy

The social media promotion we carried out has been used as a means of pulling on a new market segment. We created a fashionable brand identity to communicate in a coordinated way the visual marketing campaign. We implemented social media branding activities using sales tools to ensure a wider products’ visibility. Lastly, we promoted the brand's retail activity through strategic campaigns.

Social media marketing strategy for Class - Luther Dsgn
Social media impact


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Social media promotion and branding for Class Fashion - Luther Dsgn
  • Creative Director
    Gioia Riccioni
  • Photographer
    Erica Fava
  • Project Manager
    Silvia Bianchini
  • Video Maker
    Roberto Magnanini
  • Copywriter
    Andrea Poggioli
  • Managing & Accounting
    Silvia Bianchini
  • Social Media Management
    Roberto Magnanini
  • Set Design
    Flavia Ballarin
What we did
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
    Copywriting & Storytelling
    Creative Campaign & Media Plan
    Digital Strategy
    Film & Motion graphic
    Social Media Management