Squatty Potty, a unicorn that teaches you how to poop.

Lets start from the idea that Americans are firmly convinced we have the utmost wrong position when taking a dump. And you need only a few anatomy lessons to agree with them. The thing is that the Americans aren’t just convinced what they say is right. They’re obsessed with it. So much that they started a business (seriously?) out of selling simple stools that you lean your legs on them and put them in front of the water basin allowing you doing things the way God commands.

If you think that it ends here, you’re underestimating the Americans. Bill, Judy and Bobby Edwards are a family from St. George, Utah. Their luck begun a few months ago when they handed over their project Squatty Potty to the Harmon brothers, a duo working videomaker in communications. The briefing handed in by the Edwards family was pretty obvious: VIRAL. The Harmon Brothers, true professionals, followed their orders. Two weeks after publication the adds are glamourous. The video reaches 4 million visualizations, FB page over 50 K likes. The logic of absurdity stroke and the tone the Edwards speak of their business is simply amazing. It’s enough to just quote some contents from their website.


The mission: it’s our goal to change the way we poop, one ‘stool’ at a time

Congratulations to the Edwards for having built around a simple plastic box which someone from their same field would call it a FUFFA, something simply useless… a very beautiful FUFFA. All is beautiful, from doctors alerts launched to create a need ( “Hey you, you’re not pooping the right way!”) to the ads, infographics,mascots and the final product price.


Hats down!