We answered the weird BuzzFeed questions on Italian people.

Some days ago BuzzFeed published a video where the Americans were asking some questions about the Italians. Some of them appeared as stupid questions.

We tried to give them proper answers.

Why are the Italians so thin when they eat pasta all the day ?

Let`s make things clear; pasta is made out of grain and grain doesn`t turn you into a barrel with legs. If you become one it`s just because mother nature wanted you to be that way. Grain is edible. Pasta even more. Deal with it.

Don’t you ever get tired of eating pasta?

Ok, we already understood that pasta is a trendy topic. And no, we never get tired of it . It`s a type of dish that can vary so much and prepare it in so many ways. It`s at the base of a healthy diet, costs little money and at least in Italy, everybody knows how to cook it.

What should I do to marry a man like Claudio Marchisio?

You have to eat too much pasta or be a cool girl. And these two things could go hand in hand (see answer number 1).

How do you stay tanned all year long?

You never were in a creative agency in November under a deadline. Transylvania.

Why do you gesticulate when you speak?

The annoying thing about gesticulation is a debate we are having for quite a while. But the answer is far easier than you might think: we have hands. Why do you lift up your shoulders when you don`t understand something? Why do you look down when you’re bluffing? Because…human beings use the body language more than they use words. It`s a myth that only Italians gesticulate. Have you ever seen Kanye West?


What is your secret for being so sexy?

Ask Roberto Cavalli about that.


Is there a traffic code in Italy? And if there is one, why doesn’t anyone respect it?

And the sinkholes?

Why do you have so many dialects?

We’re the country with the largest concentration of cultures on a small territory. This is because the Renaissance was born here, and also because Italy has always been a reference point for those who wanted to build something, whether they are Arabs, Spanish , Austrians or Americans. Yes, Italy is a beautiful place to settle down.

So, what does this “prego” means?

It’s what we say when someone is asking us a stupid question and we pretend not to know what it was.

Why doesn't Mario Balotelli have his own show?

Because we would become the United States of America.

If I go to Italy, is there any chance of meeting Super Mario on the streets?

Here we have some things to clarify. If you mean Mario Balotelli by Super Mario, then yes.
If you’re in Milano you might bump into him, but I assure you that it’s not a big deal. But if Super Mario substitutes the character of Nintendo game, well, in that case the answer is yes. Super Mario is a plumber eating mushrooms and jumping over turtles. Pretty normal.

Do you really hate the Olive Garden, or is it just because you have to hate it for you are Italian?

Considering that for the starters we had to Google Olive Garden, a very well known restaurant chain specialized in Italian cuisine, I believe that in Italy we don’t really give a damn about it.
It`s not a matter of principle, but why are these dishes the ones that Olive Garden offers you?


How is your dinner really structured? I don’t even know how a human being could possibly digest all that stuff.

And we are still asking ourselves how is still possible to see Smith & Wesson guns sold in supermarkets. Leaving this small detail aside, the Italian dinner is made of first and second course s​easoned with fruits.​You may also try it, considering that obesity in the US kills almost 400 K people a year. Giving up yourself in order to avoid extinction.

Why do we like fish so much? Why does everybody in Italy like fish?

Ok, this question is a real trap.

Could you teach me how to cook? I love sweets in general, but the Italians beat all the markets in this sector.

There is a difference…You don’t cook sweets. You prepare sweets. Maybe this is the reason you hate sweets so much.

Video ends up with this: BuzzFeed makes us understand many things besides their ignorance in what questions they should ask a country. We’re still imprisoned in a common cage and for God’s sake they are all wrong. It’s unbelievable how in a digital age, where if you want to see a beach from Isola di Pasqua you can make it in 0.004 seconds, `sayings` are still so deeply rooted within people traditions and their culture.

Dear Americans, go back invading third world countries, listen your rap music in your cowboy hats or sing Gospel songs!