The top 10 YouTube trends that testify the end of humanity.


An earthquake is shaking the world’s most popular video platform. Actually two. The first earthquake is called Twitch, responsible for the largest web-exodus of users (in particular creators and live streamers) since the collapse of MySpace. The second earthquake is Article 13 of the copyright directive by the European Parliament aiming at “improving the position of rightholders to negotiate and be remunerated for the exploitation of their content by online services“. The directive is intended to create a safer and less anarchic environment surrounding creativity than the present. However, what the men in Brussels appear to have forgotten is that internet holds its true essence of being in that very same complete (or almost) freedom of creativity.
To reiterate our solidarity to the #savetheinternet campaign presently sponsored on YouTube by senators such as FaviJ, Willwoosh, Lyon, and Cicciogamer, we have compiled our very own list of Top 10 most absurd YT trends which do nevertheless deserve our attention.
Was there really a need for this? Absolutely Yes.

10. People that destroy their cars with subwoofer decibels.

Man loves music, but these boys from Busto Arsizio take it a step further. To start with they spend a fortune on their cars and custom stereo systems, they then go somewhere secluded to let loose a sound apocalypse capable of destroying everything. Hilarious moments follow.

9. Slime.

In Italy they call it Skifidol, but in the rest of the world it’s known as Slime. Originally commercialized by Mattel, Slime rapidly became an easy DIY substance. YT was instantly filled with 24-7 slimers.

8. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

Kylie Jenner takes a very special interest in her appearance. For this reason she spends thousands of dollars in plastic surgery. But what can be done by those who, like ourselves, do not have her financial possibilities? Easy: they stick their lips into a bottle neck and start to suck. Results guaranteed and kisses to all.

7. Everyday things VS hydraulic press.

Who owns a hydraulic press possesses an automatic generator of viral videos. And the things one can squash are technically infinite, so the trend is easily served. Furthermore, the viewer’s satisfaction rate is a hundred times superior to that of an ASMR video (in third place). Because after all, why relax if you can squash instead?

6. Kids high on anaesthesia following teeth operations.

Sometimes going to the dentist can be a ball, especially when you have a few drops of Fentanyl to keep you company. It’s fun for all: for who is under the effects and for who assists them as they come around. In fact, watching these videos makes you feel like having a molar taken out.

5. OAPs in VR

They’re funny, misshapen, petrified and damned old. No, the cause is not the suppression of the Rete 4 television channel, but a genuine experience with Virtual Reality visors. Worthy of note is a user comment that states: “That’s me holding a fart in church”.

4. The 10000 calories a day challenge.

Some do it to demonstrate to everyone that they have a truly healthy metabolism and others do it to fully enjoy their cheat day, the day in which they can break their diet. Fact is, few reach the 10000 calorie mark without feeling sick. Someone said “are there people dying of hunger?”

3. ASMR.

Which stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, or rather one of the most diffused trends in YouTube. The exercise is to produce sweet and pleasant sounds into one or more professional microphones. The aim is to relax listeners or even make them fall asleep. Some though can’t stand it and turn into Charles Manson.

2. What does dumpster diving have to offer today?

Nothing testifies the end of humanity better than dumpster diving, more specifically people who sort through rubbish to make finds such as a Supreme cover or an entire lot of organic olive oil. The creators in this case however, are not the homeless, but rich teenagers with a villa in Brentwood.

1. Mukbang.

Let’s bow before the undisputed champion of mental degeneration, the most senseless phenomenon on the internet. There is only one imperative: Watch me eat. What? Everything and in bulk quantities, without rest and without limits. Creators like Veronica Wang have built an empire on it and, if science is still something to go by, also numerous gastrointestinal complications. No-one knows the mechanism whereby the viewer’s mind is activated by the sight of someone binging like a pig. Maybe a strange mix between porn and a cookery competition? In the face of such mysteries one can only press play.