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XLS Pro-7 Unconventional Launch

The Out of Home that tranforms space into an enabler of change.

The Out of Home that tranforms space into an enabler of change.


For the market launch of Perrigo's new entry, the XLS Pro-7, you need a business that makes noise. The goal is to give the product visibility through an unconventional and slightly 'out-of-the-box' idea that increases awareness and intercepts the right target: women. To give the media plan a boost, we focussed on an ambient marketing strategy where creativity has used the environment as a lever to generate a positive reflection on health.


We were inspired by the XLS Medical mantra, focusing on the concepts of motivation and willpower. Through a great domination set up in the metro stations of Rome (Cipro) and Naples (Toledo), we involved female users in the #Pro7Challenge, the online and on-field activation that revolves around seven wellness challenges. An impactful advertising, punctuated by direct and persuasive calls to action, urges consumers to give up escalators in favour of walking up stairs, because even simple everyday gestures can make a difference.

The target is intercepted upon exiting the train cars and led through a dynamic and engaging path.

To give the concept maximum impetus, we devised a 4-step path that accompanies the user through the XLS Medical universe and then straight into the first challenge.

The visual identity that captures and evolves the brand's key elements.

We picked up on distinctive elements of the brand's visual identity to create a common thread between the stations that make up the installation. Starting from the new product campaign, we used the graduated meter - the leitmotif of XLS Medical communication - as a connecting element between angular stations, mupis and banners, accompanying users from the start through to the end of the experience. Through the use of a wavy arrow, instead, we emphasized the QR code element converting the experience from real to digital.

Web design & UX: the engagement continues online.

To complete the activation, adopting a multichannel approach, we added a call to action with a 'drive to store' purpose. On all the posters a QR code leads to the campaign's purpose built landing page and through a gamification activity which randomly assigns users one of the seven challenges in the programme. The small willpower tests range from nutrition to active mobility, from meditation to remedies for stress and sedentary lifestyles. The store locator function and an advantageous promo then teleport the target users to the pharmacy.



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Net contacts engaged

  • Managing Directors
    Silvia Bianchini, Marco Venuti
  • Creative Directors
    Sofia Francesca Miccichè, Jonathan Pannacciò
  • Senior Art Director & UX designer
    Flavio Milazzo
  • Graphic Designer
    Annalisa Femiano
  • Video Editor & Motion Designer
    Bartosz Druszcz
  • Photographers
    Manuela Montella, Matteo Della Porta
  • Videomakers
    Roberto Magnanini, Vincenzo Russo
  • Web Development
What we did
  • Concept
    Art direction
    UX & Web design
    Audience Activation
    Project management
    Media planning
    Video editing