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Develop a brand identity for Rome's first travel bar.

Develop a brand identity for Rome's first travel bar.


Three Roman globetrotters have a simple yet genius recipe in mind: mix the all-Italian habit of drinking coffee at a bar and the passion for travel, a melting pot for up-to-date blogs, literature and the best local guides' advice. The result? The first travel bar in the centre of Rome where coffee is not only the start to the day but also to a special adventure lived as a real local. Welcome to Wandercup.


'Wandercup' is quite literally the wanderer's cup, that magical object that whisks you home even when you are miles away. Starting from this iconic object, we brought a new physical and digital reality to life; organize your trip around the city while drinking your coffee, guided by Wandercup's experience. We created the brand identity, the communication strategy, both ATL and BTL, and designed the shop's interiors.

The name is born from the crasis of the wanderlust concept, better known as the obsession for travel, and the coffee cup. The result is a neologism that fittingly describes the two strategic pillars on which the commercial offer develops.


We imagined Wandercup as the physical realm in which two travel experiences converge: that which precedes a trip, made of bookings, offers and scheduling, and that of arrival, the physiological feeling of being out of place due to lack of familiarity with the new surroundings. Wandercup is the bridge between these two dimensions.

Interior Design

We designed and created a welcoming interior, a traveller's den, where the north-European style in the furniture and illumination meet the homely feel of Italian coffee bars. The spaces are organized so as to encourage a customer journey that leads to the purchase of travel experiences.

  • Managing Director
    Matteo Della Porta
    Luca Ciarpella
  • Managing & Accounting
    Giulia Martinis
  • Creative Directors
    Gioia Riccioni
    Andrea Poggioli
  • Web Design / UX, UI
    Gioia Riccioni
  • Graphic Design
    Flavio Milazzo
  • Social media Specialist
    Roberto Magnanini
What we did
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    Creative Strategy
    Web Design
    Social Media Management