Design a responsive web development to create a platform where e-commerce and blogging allow an all-day customer experience.

Design a responsive web development to create a platform where e-commerce and blogging allow an all-day customer experience.


The girl who engages with Subdued has a defined personality and is naturally cool without being mainstream. After having established itself on the European market the Roman brand feels the need to redefine its values to bring them in line with their brand identity. A responsive web design allows for this repositioning by focusing on ecommerce website development.


Setting off with the construction of a solid brand strategy we created a website with a cross medial structure that allows for e-commerce and blogging to coexist. We played off different elements such as the icons, graphic elements and the lettering to create a more impactful look&feel as more appealing to the younger public.

The website layout highlights the product with a more recognisable identity, enhanced by a more personal feel, at times tailor made, far from fast fashion.

The star attraction is the world of Subdued, represented by a unique balance between clothing and the setting in which they are placed. The new vision arises clearly: design as the result of a constant dialogue with the public.


E-commerce 3.0 Child's play.

We chose to give user experience continuity by maintaining the same layout in the e-commerce section. A cool and clean cut for the graphics that makes the shopping experience simple and free flowing. The shift from browsing to purchasing was softened to allow users to become buyers naturally without being urged into anything.

Responsive website development and brand strategy for Subdued - Luther Dsgn company

The icons have a soft and rounded design making them appear ironic and slightly over the top. As for the rest of the site we took inspiration from their typical girl, elegant and with an eye for detail. Without giving up her sense of humour.

Luther Dsgn, brand strategy agency, carried out a responsive web design for Subdued

Subdued always with you.

The responsive web development designed a site with a mixed identity: the catalogue photos alternate with style tips, while the blog section is positioned as a natural extension of the browsing experience. To accompany girls in every moment of the day.

Corporate rebranding and responsive website development for Subdued - Luther Dsgn
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    Marco Venuti
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    Stanislao Migliorino
    Serena Russo
  • Managing & Accounting
    Giulia Martinis
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    Marco Scichilone
    Martina Scorcucchi
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