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Space Y: Book for Mars Now

To help the planet, we invent a clickbait with a good purpose.

To help the planet, we invent a clickbait with a good purpose.


During the lockdown months, we opened our eyes to what we think a creative agency should do. Planet Earth is in crisis and may never recover. Climate is out of control, social tensions are increasing and for almost two years there has been a global pandemic that has paralysed the world. But the point is, are we worried enough to turn this uncertainty into a push for action?


Space Y, the travel agency that sells space travel to Mars for only 1499 €, is born for an awareness-raising purpose and not for a customer. The campaign, sponsored on Instagram, is obviously a clickbait, but for a good purpose. The goal is to bring users to click on the commercial offer that directs traffic to a section of the Luther DSGN website. The initiative is designed with a view to strategic repositioning, bringing the agency closer to the brand activism theme.

Before we fly to another planet
let's try to change ours.

The manifesto

This is how we reveal the true content of the operation: the "Manifesto for Humans & Brands", a series of rules with an inspirational tone intended to change the point of view and approach to what surrounds us. What makes our ethical code unique is the double purpose of its message: it is designed for brands and people, for businesses and for all those who do not wish to stand by and watch.

The points address different issues, such as the value of originality, the importance of diversity and the fight for the protection of the ecosystem.

"We want to guide the brands we work with towards the use of positive messages that bring about real change and we want these brands to share this vision with us, made of responsible and sustainable values and content" - Marco Venuti

Key message

The message is clear: either we change together or we don't change at all. The concept of the campaign combines travel on Mars and the rising trend of "silicon billionaires" with urgent issues that affect the world in which we live, emphasizing a great paradox in our way of thinking: A weekend on Mars is easier to achieve than the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The awareness campaign, launched at the beginning of the first wave of COVID-19, aroused great interest and was widely relaunched by media and industry stakeholders, reaching interesting results in terms of visibility (1ML views and 100K interactions). But this is only the first step in a series of actions and activities that we intend to carry out, both as a creative agency and as people. On the other hand, the battle to save the planet needs everyone. The alternative is a red desert with an average temperature of -63°C.

Discover our manifesto.

  • Chief Executive Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Directors
    Andrea Poggioli, Gioia Riccioni, Michele Savino
  • Project Manager
    Silvia Bianchini
  • Senior Art Direction
    Andrea Simone, Flavio Milazzo
  • Motion Design
    Bartosz Druszcz, Beatrice Carosi
  • Digital Strategist
    Roberto Magnanini
  • Copywriter
    Sofia Francesca Miccichè
What we did
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    Art direction
    Creative Campaign
    Copywriting & Storytelling
    Social media management
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