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Sensitive Mineral Active – My sensitive side

Launching a professional toothpaste to treat sensitive teeth through the involvement of the right community.

Launching a professional toothpaste to treat sensitive teeth through the involvement of the right community.


Support the launch of the new Sensitive Mineral Active toothpaste by Mentadent, with which Unilever enters the pharmaceutical marketplace for professional toothpastes. Sensitive teeth are a very common problem. Bringing people to speak openly about this condition, without considering it a taboo or something to hide, is our goal.


First, we found a powerful insight and a viral hashtag on which to base the influencer marketing campaign: "My sensitive side". Dental sensitivity and individual sensitivity meet through the stories of two truly smart influencers. The scientific content, on the other hand, travels on Instagram through the authoritative voices of three expert hygienists and pharmacists. An active and highly loyal user community is ready to join in on the conversation.

Breaking the taboo on dental sensitivity with an influencer campaign on Instagram.

We identified influencers and key opinion leaders (KOL) based on their target communities and involved them in a branded content project on oral health. With a dynamic to and fro of Instagram stories, KOLs and influencers raise attention towards effective remedies to combat dental hypersensitivity. By choosing reliable and attentive KOLs we build awareness around the topic, generating constructive discussions, advice and mutual help.

A real problem, real people and authentic interactions.

We involve influencers starting from 3 very common "weaknesses" for dental sensitivity: stress, cold temperatures, cold and hot foods. Each creator tells the experience from their own point of view, requesting the specialist’s immediate response. By communicating in a personal and authentic way, we bring healthy information online and increase community engagement.

Increasing social buzz through authoritative scientific information.

The themes of health, prevention and correct medical information are conveyed in a fun way preserving all the scientificity of the message. This creates a strong connection between the brand and consumers through stories that are involving, having a real impact in terms of building awareness and inspiring concrete actions such as purchasing.

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