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Uniting luxury and navigation to give the offshore experience a new appeal.

Uniting luxury and navigation to give the offshore experience a new appeal.


Sailuxe is a luxury sailboat charter company that offers its clients a tailored service to reach sought after destinations; not only within the Mediterranean but also to exotic locations such as Thailand and the Caribbean. Sailuxe is the new luxury addition to the Spartivento group. With a fleet of over 50 boats it is a southern Italian leader in luxury holiday charters.


For Sailuxe we designed a logo that breathes sea and luxury, where a gold sail navigates on a cobalt blue logotype. The entire company profile we created rests on these two concepts, reinforcing the idea of an absolutely exclusive nautical experience among the public. It is not by chance, therefore, that we developed a website with blue texts on a white background, as per classic nautical colouring. The only exceptions being a few gold icons and stripes which recall the concept of luxury.

The key element of the site is the presence of large images that tell a luxury Sailuxe maritime holiday better than any words ever could.
The site has no graphic frills to convey a clean and refined concept. The intuitive structure allows all users to immediately access any information they need and the offer of numerous services and optionals builds up their appetite.
The site we have developed is a seducing proposal that cannot be refused.



  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Managing & Accounting
    Giulia Martinis
  • Art Director
    Flavio Millazzo
  • Coding
    Alessandro Scafati
What we did
  • Brand Identity
    UX/UI - Web Design