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Enel Capital Markets Day

Communicate Enel's digital transformation
through a techno-sensorial journey.

Communicate Enel's digital transformation
through a techno-sensorial journey.


Enel is preparing to become the absolute leader of the energy market over the next 30 years. With their vision, Open Power ferries the world through a substantial revolution regarding the way in which energy is seen, used and lived. In November 2017 in London, Francesco Starace, CEO and General Manager of Enel, presented the new strategic plan based on technological innovation to the financial community.


The creative concept we have elaborated for the opening film of the event revolves around meta-energy, a power that surpasses itself in order to create opportunities never seen before. The visual impact is intentionally spectacular, reminiscing science fiction that does not however deviate from the services offered by the company and their application. The result is a fulfilling sensorial journey that inspires confidence and generates enthusiasm.

3d Motion graphics video for Enel Capital Markets - Luther Dsgn corporate video production company Corporate video storytelling for Enel Capital Markets - Luther Dsgn Video production agency

To give voice to the future imagined by Enel,
we have elaborated a new vocabulary and a new visual code.

2d and 3D motion graphics video for business - Enel Capital Markets Luther Dsgn Corporate video presentation for Enel Capital Markets event - Video production agency Luther Dsgn
  • Art Direction
    Simona Lianza
    Gioia Riccioni
  • Copywriting & Creative
    Andrea Poggioli
  • Managing & Accounting
    Paola Caridi
    Gian Marco Jandolo
  • Production Unit
    Alan Vele
    Luca Della Grotta
    Marco Bersani
What we did
  • Concept & Copywriting
    Event Planning
    Film & Motion Design