Pizzolato Showroom

Update the image and the mood of a real Italian fashion guru.

Update the image and the mood of a real Italian fashion guru.


Pizzolato distributes fashion brands such as Diesel, Ralph Lauren, and Superga in their large and modern showroom within the Lanificio Luciani. They have dedicated spaces for each fashion brand in their portfolio. How can a fashion management company promote different large brands whilst maintaining their own brand identity stable and recognizable?


We rethought Pizzolato's brand image from scratch, starting from a new logo: a black P in a clean-cut font within a black circle. A crisp emblem, minimal yet distinguished, to reiterate the concept of a company that, although driving other brands, possesses a discreet yet extremely recognizable and singular identity. We also developed the new website and carried out the photo shoot of the images which display Pizzolato's modern and supple nature.


Web Site & Shooting

The website is coherent with the brand's new personality: minimalism is its wealth. Numerous photos of the showroom and its fashion products have ample space on a pristine white backdrop interposed by black lines. Likewise, the structure of the site is also essential, articulated over no more than five pages which can be scrolled horizontally by users, exactly as they would browse showcased clothing.

  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Managing & Accounting
    Giulia Martinis
  • Art Director
    Flavio Milazzo
  • Shooting
    Roberto Magnanini
  • Coding
    Alessandro Scafati
What we did
  • Brand Identity
    UX/UI - Web Design