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Open Fiber

An engaging corporate video production for Open Fiber.

An engaging corporate video production for Open Fiber.


Open Fiber is Enel's new creation that brings ultra wideband nationwide. The aim is to create an emotionally moving storytelling video that illustrates a modern Italy, with optical fiber as the indispensable tool to lead Italy into the future. Target: none other than the Prime Minister in office at the time, Paolo Gentiloni.


The uniqueness of the recipient of this video led us to mindfully assess both the message and the code. We decided upon an intimate storytelling, at times even sentimental. On this basis we worked on a corporate video production where the storyline tells of a multifaceted nation that wants to both grow and develop in unity.

Video storytelling agency for Open Fiber – Luther Dsgn Corporate video agency and storytelling for Open Fiber - Luther Dsgn
Open Fiber chose our corporate video services - Luther Dsgn agency Emotional video storytelling and production for Open Fiber - Luther Dsgn agency
  • Managing Direction
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Direction & Management
    Andrea Poggioli
    Gioia Riccioni
    Paola Caridi
  • Project Management
    Paola Caridi
  • Animation
    Michela De Spagnolis
    Bartosz Druszcz
  • Production Assistant
    Cecilia Fattorini
What we did
  • Copywriting & Storytelling
    Film & Motion Graphic