MVP – Maria Vittoria Paolillo

Transform an Instagram account into a brand worth thousands of likes.

Transform an Instagram account into a brand worth thousands of likes.


Maria Vittoria Paolillo is a jewellery & fashion designer and successful macro influencer. When she turned to us her entrepreneurial journey was just starting off. After explaining her long-term vision to us, she asked us to develop a visual identity that would stand up to her style ideals as well as set up a communication strategy to launch her brand identity. The goal: make her brand identity recognizable and transform it into a catalyst for interest on socials.


The first step was to create a logo that fully expressed Maria Vittoria's stylistic signature. We built a digital strategy to launch the brand and increase its awareness, and then start a follower acquisition phase with targeted digital PR activities. We created video, photo and social post content. Our intervention exponentially increased engagement and followers on all her profiles and scaled the brand offer and services.

The community that chooses to follow MVP is energetic, up-to-date and loves Made in Italy. By mixing these elements we designed the logo and built the online communication strategy to intercept social trends and repropose them in an original way.



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  • Managing Directors
    Marco Venuti, Luca Ciarpella
  • Creative Directors
    Stanislao Migliorino, Michele Savino
  • Art Direction & Design
    Stanislao Migliorino, Gioia Riccioni, Marta Brinchi Giusti
  • Copywriter
    Giulia Martinis
  • Managing & Accounting
    Paola Caridi
  • Social Media Strategist & Digital PR
    Claudia Gorini
  • Photographer
    Martina Scorcucchi
  • Stylist
    Diego Thomas
What we did
  • Concept & Social Media Strategy
    Management & Assistance
    Brand & Digital strategy
    Web Design
    Social Identity & Digital PR