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Lyriko by Sixth Sense

The brand identity inspired by AI and Big Data.

The brand identity inspired by AI and Big Data.


Sixth Sense - high tech start up in the pharmaceutical-medical sector - has created a high performance technology that mixes AI and machine learning to improve customer engagement techniques. The product to explode on the market must reduce complexity in communication processes and speak a consumer-friendly language. Goal: To make this ultra-advanced performance super smart tool accessible to everyone and easy to understand, to turn users into end customers.


To put the high-tech universe of Sixth Sense in order, we used sixth sense and a lot of strategy, but before we doing so, we listened. We started from a survey that gave us insight into the perceived brand. Then, we developed a functional brand matrix, found the right naming and created a new narrative model that hits the mark. Finally, for a truly BOLD personality, we created a high-tech styled logo design and a visual identity inspired by the aesthetic of data visualization.

Product Analysis & Research
Before you do, listen.

To gather feedback on the product, we carried out qualitative-quantitative user research and product perception research, addressing the team of Sixth Sense and some of the major customers of the start-up. We started with a systematic listening of 420 minutes of one-to-one interviews and a 45-question digital survey. The results of the research allowed us to operate strategically to give maximum conceptual consistency to the product, to devise a solid and updated brand strategy, and to create a visual identity that captures all the power of data.

Brand Strategy
AI and human capabilities: the perfect synergy.

We were inspired by the young passionate team of Sixth Sense to bring out the unique character of this product. No longer an experts-alone tool but an easy-to-use tool that transforms the best insights into a business opportunity, with a click. To create a memorable brand close to the people, we shifted the focus onto the needs of those who use it daily: CEO, CRM, sales reps and IT owner. Through their experience in the field, we developed a brand strategy that focuses on simplicity, value, immediate impact and concrete benefits.

From the listening & research phases to grounding. A complete and effective roadmap to build a new value ecosystem, a "future-proof" strategy and a "data-driven" visual identity.

Brand Identity
Lyriko is born, a new symphony of data.

We found a representative naming that concentrates in a few letters the universe of the product: the orchestration of data. The logo consists of chromatically shifting dots that exemplify the new mission of Lyriko: organize, simplify, deliver. The set of dots, which branch out in a circular and rhizomatic way, represents big data and explicates the concepts of technology, order and chorality. Our work was then merged into a style guide that directs and coordinates communication on all touchpoints, offline and digital, to carry brand expressiveness to the maximum.

  • Associate Director
    Michele Savino
  • Creative Directors
    Andrea Poggioli, Stanislao Migliorino
  • Strategist & Copywriting
    Andrea Poggioli
  • Account Manager
    Silvia Bianchini
  • Art Director & Graphic Designer
    Flavio Milazzo
What we did
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    Brand Strategy
    Brand Design
    Style Guide
    Visual Identity
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