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Blending tradition and innovation for an evolving logo restyling.

Blending tradition and innovation for an evolving logo restyling.


LUMSA university wished to celebrate 80 years of history and success through an equally positioned rebranding. Objective: an emblem capable of expressing the University's values, intertwining them with their prestigious tradition for innovation which has always distinguished their mission.


In the new logo, the font and seal blend into a singular design that unites tradition and innovation. The Athenaeum's historic seal, inspired by Titian's famous painting Maria Santissima Assunta, is reworked into a play of shadows and light, spacing and design to create an element of great symbolic and emotional value.

Challenge the future starting from the knowledge of the past.

The font, beyond all other elements, brings together the synergy between the different time dimensions of culture. The university of the future's face emerges thanks to the dynamics and graces of the renaissance font Bembo, translating the humanist typographic tradition into an incisive and dynamic architecture, ideal for printed and digital media.

The new logo's stability becomes visible in the complex brand system, capable of facing up to the dynamic and variable spacing for digital application, for printing, as well as any other media, offering a complete range of declinations, compounds, monograms and various extensions.

  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Directors
    Stanislao Migliorino
    Andrea Simone
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