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L’Orèal Master Academy

Adding value to love of the brand, sustainability and natural cosmetics.

Adding value to love of the brand, sustainability and natural cosmetics.


During the Master Academy held in Milan L'Oreal asked us to produce two videos: the first for the opening, the second to launch Botanea a new line of natural products. Our objective was to highlight the brand's pledge for sustainability and its love for nature, mother of all beauty.


We created connections between beauty, nature and woman, stimulating the public's imagination without channelling towards a univocal interpretation. We revealed the importance of nature's role in relation to technology, as part of the same evolutionary process.

Nature is evolution

The return to the more natural aspects of life is a trend that is radically changing consumer choices. L'Oréal's sustainable solution is the new totally green line that unites beauty and social commitment.

A place in the future

L'Oréal becomes the spokesperson for a renewed present-day, in which digital tools become central to delivering messages of positivity and change. By concentrating on a value target-brand conversation L'Oréal earns itself a place in the market of the future.

  • Managing & Accounting
    Giulia Martinis
  • Copywriter
    Andrea Poggioli
  • Motion Designers
    Bartosz Druszcz, Giandomenico Michilin
What we did
  • Event Concept & Design
    Copywriting & Storytelling
    Film & Motion Graphic