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Promotional video production for Feltrinelli's entertainment channel launch.

Promotional video production for Feltrinelli's entertainment channel launch.


La Effe completes Feltrinelli's editorial contribution by laying down the foundation for the creation of a multi device network. The video teaser is intended to lead viewers to participate in the brand's shared values, involving the audience in a cycle of experiences offered on various platforms. This is aimed at building a full and complete experience that continuously links offers, channels and values.


La Effe - a channel built up through people. We came up with this concept and took it a step further; a meeting place rather than just a media channel, where brand values and all its exchange platforms, tvs, bookshops and socials come together. We created an experential video to convey the values of sharing, diversity and circularity between the individual's dimension and the world of Feltrinelli.

The brand identity is built in unison with its public.

We make people feel like they are part of the world.

The world of Feltrinelli begins with the bookshop experience, offering the opportunity for them to be expressed and shared through social networks, involving them in television and leading from the channel back to the bookshops, increasing the flow of all-round experiences continuously.

Promotional videos for business by Luther Dsgn for La Effe Video production services for La Effe – Teaser video by Luther Dsgn company
Promotional video production company Luther Dsgn for La Effe
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