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JTI Xmas House – A new phygital event

All the engagement of a physical event for an interactive virtual party.

All the engagement of a physical event for an interactive virtual party.


To counteract the limitations in social interaction due to the pandemic, we were commissioned by JTI Italy inventing a new way to connect people during the Christmas holidays. Leveraging the potential of our platform The Bridge, we designed an entirely online corporate party using advanced broadcast design technologies that, through interactive games, live performance and on-demand content, recreated the atmosphere and fun of a real-life party.


To provide a memorable UX, we designed an interactive digital ecosystem that allowed JTI Italia employees to listen, share, connect and play together in real time. A highly impactful visual identity inspired the journey from start to finish: from the special unboxing to the grand finale, we created over 2 hours of purely spectacular entertainment and non-stop interaction. An unprecedented opportunity to take the digitization of events to an advanced level and allow people once again to live the present together.

An interactive film, three quiz rooms and a live show for an evolved event experience.

We maximize the hype with tools that don't go unnoticed.

Newsletter with interactive countdown, personalized invitation, branded Christmas gift box and many exclusive masterclass awards: we created true and proper catalysts of interest. Through the integration of physical and digital touchpoints, we were able to amaze, attract and engage users from the early stages of the event.

Goodbye fast forward or rewind. Are you ready to experience interactive cinema?

We set ourselves the goal of taking the immersiveness of a film to a higher level. Not only the skilful direction, a unique setting and professional actors but also multiple-choice content and narrative crossroads where the user is called upon to make real-time decisions. The ad hoc interactive film for the Xmas House is an immersive film adventure that integrates product placement and corporate core values.


In the quiz rooms, entertainment is live, interactive, multiplayer.

To enhance the interaction dynamics between users, we developed the Movie Quiz room, interactive movie-themed game rooms, live chats with integrated CRM and social reactions. In the Xmas House’s most socially competitive arena, 10 teams challenged each other with questions in this highly involving trivia game.

Experience design and the power of technology come together on The Bridge: the multitasking digital platform which is integrated, interactive and can be personalized.

La user journey map

A digital show where everyone had a front row seat.

To maintain this crescendo of emotions, we planned a truly unmissable final surprise: a live performance by Neri Marcorè who, following the public's suggestion, performed iconic sketches from his repertoire as well as musical tracks. The first virtual edition of Christmas JTI Italy closed in the company of hundreds of connected users with the proclamation of the team challenge winners, the toast and a speech by the CEO.





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Ore di interazione

We are convinced that offering virtual spaces for sociality, fun and relaxation is to give back to people a fundamental aspect of their life: enjoyment together.

Luther DSGN's new fully-digital and interactive event format is born, try it now.

  • Chief Executive Director & Creative Strategist
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Director
    Michele Savino
  • Innovation Manager
    Matteo Della Porta
  • Managing Director
    Serena Russo
  • Event Director
    Giorgio Tiranti
  • Set Designer
    Luca Ciarpella
  • Sound Designer
    Gianmarco Jandolo
  • Producer & Platform Manager
    Giulia Martinis
  • Creative Supervisor
    Andrea Poggioli
  • Visual Identity Designer
    Stanislao Migliorino
  • Senior Motion Designer
    Bartosz Druszcz
  • Senior UX & UI Designer
    Flavio Milazzo
  • Senior Art Director
    Andrea Simone
  • Junior Art Director
    Giulia Alberti
  • Copywriter & Video Storytelling
    Maria Giulia Marletta
  • Copywriter & Creative Strategist
    Sofia Francesca Miccichè
  • Filmmaker & Creative Strategist
    Roberto Magnanini
  • Digital Partner
  • Direction & Production
    Think Cattleya
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  • Concept & Strategy
    Event Identity
    Event Planning
    Event Production
    Broadcast design
    Platform Architecture & design
    Interactive UX Design
    Audience engagement
    Copywriting & Storytelling
    Film & Motion Graphic
    Content management