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Design the brand identity for the new kid in town.

Design the brand identity for the new kid in town.


What happens when Japan falls madly in love with Mexico? An unconventional fusion restaurant, where nothing is what it seems and the experience goes beyond food. A world tour of flavors paired with with a contemporary, out of the box root. This one-of-its-kind needed a brand identity. We were ready to be its soulmate. Result? Simply the perfect match.


We designed the brand identity of this unpredictable, bold new kid in town. The strategy follows with the same courage and boldness a graphic line based on bright colors, enjoying at the same time playing and reassembling familiar and traditional iconographies to give a fresh and contemporary look.

Food brand identity design for Japorito - Luther Dsgn
Food branding agency Luther Dsgn for Japorito
Food communication and identity for Japorito restaurant - Luther
Food brand identity for Japorito - Luther Dsgn agency
  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Art Direction
    Andrea Simone
  • Copywriting
    Andrea Poggioli
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