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Hirematic by Jobtome

Technology has never been so simple and close to people.

Technology has never been so simple and close to people.


Jobtome is a programmatic advertising platform that wants to position itself in the market as the most adaptable, simple and convenient tool for high-volume recruitment of qualified candidates. Objective: to differentiate the brand from a wide audience of competitors and ensure that being 'technology pioneers' also means, and above all, leaders in product communication.


We brought a B2B brand to speak a more B2C language: dynamic, fresh and engaging. We started with people before data. A survey with an online questionnaire and one-to-one interviews allowed us to know the brand through the voice of its employees, founders and stakeholders. Then, a solid branding strategy and an explosive visual identity proved what this super smart software is capable of.

How to win the challenge of a competitive market

To differentiate a company in a competitive market, it is important that the technology concept is matched with simplicity, efficiency and customization. One of our strategic goals was to reduce complexity by making the product understandable and accessible to users. For this reason, the approached a narrative that focused on persuasive language, tangible benefits and opportunities for growth.

An intuitive naming that targets the core business

We focused on a naming that effectively communicates the function of the product. In fact, in the name Hirematic, three characteristics that enhance its competitiveness coexist: meaning, consistency and memorability. In addition to the dynamic and slender phonetics, the inclusion of the word "hire" in the naming multiplies the chances of the brand climbing to the top of Google SERP.

Aesthetics meets practicality

We chose to go beyond the traditional pictogram and logo structure by building a logo that is less didactic and more elegant and evocative. Two elements in the pictogram indicate the ideal protagonists of the product: man and machine, joined together, and the 'customer'. To visually render the concept of simplicity, we used Times Rounded, a geometric Sans Serif font with rounded shapes and clear, airy letters.

  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Directors
    Michele Savino, Stanislao Migliorino
  • Account Manager
    Silvia Bianchini
  • Associate Creative Director
    (Strategist & Copywriter)
    Andrea Poggioli
  • Senior Art Director
    Flavio Milazzo
What we did
  • User Research
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Design
    Style Guide
    Visual Identity
    Art direction