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Haus Garten

Communicate the homemade flavour of bagels via the handmade branding.

Communicate the homemade flavour of bagels via the handmade branding.


Haus Garten is the very first bagel & cocktail bar in the heart of Rome. To attract attention and impose its commercial proposal in a hyper-competitive market, Haus Garten needs a totally original image and a communications agency that produces buzz marketing on social media channels and on the principal relevant websites.


We have developed a brand identity down to the minimum detail, where the hand-made concept features predominantly on all supports, from the packaging to the menus and so on to the website and social media content. With capillary press office interventions and digital PR, we have activated a grapevine that in a very short time has put a bagel into the hand of every Roman!

Restaurant branding and packaging design Haus Garten - Luther Dsgn agency Haus Garten relied on our digital pr services - Luther Dsgn company

The design of the menu was reviewed by one the world’s top design blog: Underconsideration

Social media management and buzz marketing for Haus Garten - Luther Dsgn agency
Buzz marketing to enhance Haus Garten reputation - Luther Dsgn agency
  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Managing & Accounting
    Paola Caridi
    Giulia Martinis
  • Creative Directors
    Marta Brinchi Giusti
    Gioia Riccioni
What we did
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
    Creative Campaign & Media Plan
    Packaging & Product Design
    Web Design & UX/UI