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GUS Social Club

Transposing the concept of contemporary clubbing into a space.

Transposing the concept of contemporary clubbing into a space.


Representing a concept before a location. Gus arises from the desire to create an exclusive corner shielded from metropolitan chaos, a living room in the heart of the food and clubbing district of Rome, Prati, in which to welcome suitors of bien vivre. In our capacity of restaurant branding agency we designed and accomplished the capital's first social club implementing an online and offline identity. Welcome to Gus.


Building a space around a contemporary clubbing concept was not sufficient. We voiced an all-encompassing communication strategy aimed at integrating the online and offline dimensions. Concept, branding content, UI and social media channels worked in parallel with the interior design to build a strong, coherent and unique identity.

The premises convey the dandy bohemian atmosphere of The Great Gatsby parties.

Luther Dsgn Restaurant marketing agency for Gus Club Restaurant marketing strategies for Gus - Luther Dsgn
Restaurant brand identity for Gus Social Club - Luther Dsgn

The Dinner Club - a refined and enticing food experience, a game of indulgence between the menu and a notable drinks list.

In a clubbing and communication dimension where everything is set to be seen, Gus plays to hide. Not a restaurant, not simply a club. The only way to know it is to find out in person.

Brand strategy & food marketing for Gus - Luther Dsgn
Restaurant social media management for Gus - Luther Dsgn
Restaurant branding & marketing for Gus - Luther Dsgn
  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Director
    Stanislao Migliorino
  • Art Director
    Andrea Simone
  • Social Media Manager
    Roberto Magnanini
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