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Elettricità Futura

Create a business website for a new player in Italy's energy market.

Create a business website for a new player in Italy's energy market.


Elettricità Futura represents and safeguards numerous companies that operate in Italy's energy sector. The client turned to us for the corporate web design development and to consolidate their presence online.


Following a careful and thorough analysis we established a hierarchy of contents. Later we defined the guidelines of the whole project, tracing the fundamental bases for the realization of the final product.

Elettricità Futura is born
of a merger between Assoelettrica
and assoRinnovabili

One of a kind in Europe, Elettricità Futura has understood that being together doesn't entail a loss of representativity but infact enhances it. The merger allows the organisation to play a leading role in both the Italian and international markets.


A fundamental roadmap which allows for an improved workflow.

Our website design agency worked shoulder to shoulder with the client and created: a hierarchy of contents, a navigation flowchart, the personas, the user route, the wireframe and the desktop version and the mobile responsive site interfaces, as well as different modules which allow the client to modify the layout according to their needs.

From the wireframe to the final layout:
a fluid and responsive User Experience Design

  • Creative Director
    Michele Savino
  • Account Manager
    Giulia Martinis
  • Graphic Designer & UX/UI
    Flavio Milazzo
What we did
  • Art Direction
    Web Design
    Project management