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Developing a pristine and functional UX for the leaders in digital security.

Developing a pristine and functional UX for the leaders in digital security.


A company that is involved with digital security must necessarily have a solid yet fluid, simple but attractive site. This is the only way in which its commercial offer can be credible and convincing for its public. How can such a complicated and stratified company be showcased through the development of such a peculiar website?


When the users access the site, they land on a page where numeric codes gently fluctuate in a pale blue light. It is an eloquent and subtle welcome message: you're in the digital sector but you're in a safe harbour. The structure of the site, as established by the set objectives, is extremely intuitive. The services offered by Cyber Partners are schemed in a clear and linear manner. It is a website that displays a complex world in a simple way.

The UX design, so easy and very simple making it appear almost elementary, rests on an equally clean yet eloquent UI design: essential graphics, the chromatic base is built using the brand's primary colours (blue, yellow and green), and texts are kept to a necessary minimum. Yet everything finds its own space and rank, just as to best represent the essence of Cyber Partners: security and transparency in a vast and articulated environment.

  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Managing & Accounting
    Giulia Martinis
  • Art Director
    Flavio Milazzo
  • Coding
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  • UX/UI - Web Design