Top 5 immersive video festival 2019


Videos, videos and more videos. This is the “new” communication tool of our time that excels on any platform, from websites to IGTV, from advertising to events.
The true strength the video is capability of generating first-person involvement. A video, if cool and well made, can completely absorb its viewer into the story, giving rise to the term immersive video.

For example, have you ever considered how important a video is during an event? Think of an event where everyone, or almost, has been at least once in their life: a music festival. What would the experience of that show be without the power of images, the mix of colours, geometric shapes, words that blend with the music?
To better explain what we’re wanting to point out, here are 5 examples of those, we believe, to be among the most interesting and avant-garde immersive video festivals:

1. Sonar +D

A festival that is staged every year in Barcelona. It unites creativity, technology and business through videos and installations that can be lived first hand, creating a truly immersive experience. Next appointment 17-20 June 2020.

2. Dekmantel Festival

Dutch festival staged in Amsterdam to the rhythm of electronic music.

3. Terraforma festival

An Italian festival that takes place in Milan at Villa Arconati. Here, music, sustainability and artistic and handmade installations blend to create a new concept of musical experience.

4. Rainbow Disco Club

‘Timeless’ Japanese music and arts festival is how they introduce themselves on their social channels.

Next appointment 17-19 April 2020.

5. BerlinAtonal

Needless to say, the festival which is held in the German capital is a cross between visual and sonic arts enriched with exhibitions and workshops that explain the close connection.

Immersive videos in communication strategy.

But if it is true that videos are one of the most important marketing tools of the moment, it can also be a very powerful tool for businesses too, not only for making themselves known but also for the presentation of new products and highlighting their strong points.

What are the advantages of a corporate video?

  • Immediacy: be they simple concepts or complex videos, particularly in the case of short ones, they manage to seize attention and stimulate curiosity
  • Impact: the images, accompanied by words and sound, manage to arouse an immediate emotional response.
  • Storytelling: what better than a video to tell a story?
  • Viral potential: shared on site, on socials and other sharing platforms, the video is capable of creating a resonance chamber even after the event has ended.

However, making immersive videos is not a simple task as it requires experience, transversal professional skills and a constantly updated knowledge of the sector. To develop a valuable product, coordinating the images to the sound, and the words to the colours, is necessary to create the correct harmony to involve and “immerse” the viewer.

Even we, at Luther, have worked with this over the years, adapting the video for all uses to transform it into an enthralling experience. An example? The event we developed in occasion of the 10 years of Enel Green Power. A series of wow moments that were the result of a performance on different levels which took managers and company employees on a truly multisensorial journey.