Hashtags you really shouldn’t miss


Trending hashtag

Oh hey! A new year is at our doorsteps and we have decided to set off with the right sprint by selecting a heap of cool and interesting contents from the web for you.
The web increasingly provides inspiration for creative work and for this reason we have chosen to pick out some hashtags that deserve to be followed, especially because we wish to underline how the search for the right idea today is a shared process that is powered by people.

1. #setdesign: 840.343 posts

Along the lines of “if it’s not design we’re not interested”, here you can find some of the latest design-addict trends. Recommended for who works in the sector but also for who wants to give a more aesthetic tone to their day.


2. #pranzofit: 8.373 posts

It is well known that office lunches are a microcosm of joys and sorrows. At times healthy, at times a bad revamp of the worst junk food.


3. #retroferrari: 2.356 posts

When one says that style has no age and in fact, the ‘older’ the better! Well, here’s a collection of Ferrari images fit for all the yuppie enthusiasts out there and for those who have vintage charm running through their veins.


4. #howtoyoga: 60.865 posts

For all soft fitness aficionados who, especially after a stressful day’s work, are in search of suggestions to rebalance their ying and yang.


5. #Romanord vs. #Romasud: 120.602 vs. 43.709 posts

One city, two distinct souls. We skip from a designer bag, luxury style and impeccable photos to #romasud with food, dates, food, tattoos, food and selfie. Did we mention food?


6. #renderart: 19.456 posts

This is the perfect place for all the nerdy geeks who, when virtual reality, or in this case “surreal” reality, is in question, they are one step ahead! Here you’ll find true works of art.


7. @internetfashun 10,9 thousand followers

Not a hashtag, but a profile which is chock-a-block full of the latest trending memes.
Here’s a taste:


8. #peroniperterra: 3.251 posts

When we speak of beer there’s nothing to be done, it suits everything, even tarmac. We want to leave you with our prized cherry on the cake, the hashtag with a capital H that we’ve sought out – literally – on the web’s most popular streets.
It’s authentic, it’s pop, it’s – incredible but true – generated and populated entirely by the users.
It’s a national institution, just like the beer it celebrates, with which we have all, at least once, shared joys or sorrows (or both; in a different order). This hymn to authenticity places itself at the top of our list and is a memo to all those advertisers out there: the most impelling advertising is created by the clients.


Speaking to the web in the language of the web

Hashtags, gifs, memes are some of the tools capable of reaching a great number of users in a short time.

It is the very same high level of involvement of posts such as those included in the hashtags we selected for you, that testify what content is appreciated and interesting to users. Just to say that the numbers speak for themselves: speaking to the web in the language of the web leads to higher performance.

So, this is where the need arises to consider the details more carefully, sometimes bizarre details but that are important for the brands and for those who work in communication. It is exactly the route we took in our campaign for the film Sono Tornato, by including in it fake news, the Duce’s triumphant entrance on social platforms, video tutorials and much more!