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Finding a strong insight to launch the 'AirBnB' for boats.

Finding a strong insight to launch the 'AirBnB' for boats.


Antlos is the new company formed in H-Farm, the largest Italian start-up incubator. It is considered by everyone as the "AirBnB' for boats, or rather the best way to spend a holiday among friends with an expert skipper. Now the brand needs a new insight that will lead to an engaging payoff. This will launch the campaign, the web contents and a value proposition which will, generally speaking, attract the attention of new potential clients.


After having thoroughly studied the target market we developed a multisubject insight applicable to numerous situations and which plays on the ancestral attraction that humans feel for the sea. "Better on Board" is a universal message that transforms every human involvement into a unique experience, if experienced on an Antlos boat. The concept brought about a commercial with breath-taking panoramas for which we composed the creative script.

Better on board digital marketing campaign for Antlos by Luther Dsgn

Friendship, Love, the thrill of discovery or the adrenaline of an adventure. Everything is more intense if lived on a beautiful boat.

Better on board: the creative marketing campaign for Antlos
  • Managing Director
    Marco Venuti
  • Creative Directors
    Gioia Riccioni
    Andrea Poggioli
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