Luther is the most creative agency in Rome.

A solid team composed of curious,
skilful and analytical minds.

Today brands and humans have a symbiotic relationship. Our creative design agency nurtures this connection. Creating experiential and relevant contents is consequently essential to establishing successful interactions. Luther Dsgn has been conceived to fulfil this: finding unique solutions to change people's perception of brands by involving them in a continuous flow of dialogues, impressions and calls to action. As a design agency, our mission is to transform brands into catalysers of interest.

Our design agency
is made of people

Marco Venuti, CEO / Co-Founder Luther Dsgn

Marco Venuti

CEO / Co-Founder
Michele Savino, Creative Director / Co-Founder Luther Dsgn

Michele Savino

Creative Director / Co-Founder
Stanislao Migliorino, Creative Director / Co-Founder Luther Dsgn

Stanislao Migliorino

Creative Director / Co-Founder
Matteo Della Porta, Business Strategist / Co-Founder Luther Dsgn

Matteo Della Porta

Business Strategist / Co-Founder
Gianmarco Jandolo, Account / Co-Founder Luther Dsgn

Gianmarco Jandolo

Account / Co-Founder
Luca Ciarpella, Client Manager / Co-Founder Luther Dsgn

Luca Ciarpella

Client Manager / Co-Founder
Giorgio Tiranti, Creative Director Luther Dsgn

Giorgio Tiranti

Creative Director
Gioia Riccioni, Creative Director Luther Dsgn

Gioia Riccioni

Creative Director
Giulia Martinis, Account Luther Dsgn

Giulia Martinis

Silvia Bianchini, Account Luther Dsgn

Silvia Bianchini

Serena Russo, Account & Project Manager Luther Dsgn

Serena Russo

Account & Project Manager
Ornella Fabretti, Account Luther Dsgn

Ornella Fabretti

Andrea Poggioli, Strategist & Copywriter Luther Dsgn

Andrea Poggioli

Strategist & Copywriter
Sofia Francesca Miccichè, Strategist & Copywriter Luther Dsgn

Sofia Francesca Miccichè

Strategist & Copywriter
Maria Giulia Marletta, Strategist & Copywriter Luther Dsgn

Maria Giulia Marletta

Strategist & Copywriter
Andrea Simone, Art Director Luther Dsgn

Andrea Simone

Art Director
Flavio Milazzo, Art Director Luther Dsgn

Flavio Milazzo

Art Director
Roberto Magnanini, Digital and Social Media Strategist Luther Dsgn

Roberto Magnanini

Digital and Social Media Strategist
Flavia Ballarin, Art Director Luther Dsgn

Flavia Ballarin

Art Director
Bartosz Druszcz, Motion Designer Luther Dsgn

Bartosz Druszcz

Motion Designer
Giulia Alberti, Art Director Junior  & Motion Designer Luther Dsgn

Giulia Alberti

Art Director Junior & Motion Designer
Paolo D'Arcangelo, Graphic Designer Luther Dsgn

Paolo D'Arcangelo

Graphic Designer