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quicksilver wetsuits

04 Nov The suit has arrived and is here to stay.

How long did it take them? I’m just saying we’re in the era of 4G, touch screen technology, 3D, hoverboards, Interstellar and head transplants. Nonetheless, nobody tried to find a solution to one of our biggest problems yet: going crazy, surfing and having a business...

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07 Oct Mr Robot. The tribulation of the young hacker.

The novelty is that someone finally managed to give a plausible outcome to the hacker`s universe. This could suffice in turning Mr Robot, TV­conspiracy Thriller series of 10 episodes, produced by Universal Cable Production and directed by Egyptian director Sam Esmail, as the best product...

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world adv brand

09 Sep People found a way to avoid publicity.

The first signals of an imminent change already started a year or two ago, but only now this issue raised high concerns in the media. Numbers are pretty concludent: 198 mil people use softwares and applications that block publicity and online ads. Adblock Plus, Purify, Peace, Blockr...

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