CLIENT: Vivian

CATEGORY: Medicine&Tecnology

SOLUTIONS: Branding, Web Design, Coding

YEAR: 2016


Creative Executive Direction: Gioia Riccioni
Managing & Account: Giulia Martinis
Copywriting: Andrea Poggioli
Logo Design: Stanislao Migliorino
Coding: Andrea Morone


“We believe in better care.” The team of Vivian’s doctors and manager introduced himself to us with these simple but enterprising words. Their project consisted of the construction of the first digital platform for health care for those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and HCB. Our task was to give a digital form to this their idea. We started from a careful analysis of competitors and then focus on branding, including naming, logo design and website. A fluid user experience and a minimal iconographic language convey the message behind the Vivian project: the medical care future is technological innovation.