CLIENT: Nuvolari

CATEGORY: Fashion E-commerce

SOLUTIONS: Analysis, E-commerce Strategy, Branding, Style Guide, Web Design, Btl

YEAR: 2016


Executive Creative Direction: Michele Savino
Art Direction Web Design: Gioia Riccioni
Art Direction Btl & Branding: Andrea Simone
Managing & Accounting: Carolina Venosi
Analysis & Brand Strategy: Michele Savino e Carolina Venosi


Nuvolari is a multi-brand clothing shop that counts more than 35 stores throughout Italy. Our task was to reposition the brand through a makeover of his image online and offline, focusing on e-commerce. We have created new guidelines for the brand’s application, as well as improve the user experience of their e-commerce to maximize conversion and bring together a larger number of users. The result led to a new perception of the brand Nuvolari, fresher and in line with contemporary trends.